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(Only applies to projects which have a current and working drainage system)
Poor drainage systems can cause a huge effect on your driveway, patio, pool deck, or side yards. Here at Green Team, we inspect every project before starting and notify you if drainage is needed in order to prevent future water damage to your new pavers installation. If drains are needed, we will find a solution before starting any project and will discuss options. Even with minimal annual rain, water damage is possible. We hate to see water build up and damaged work so we do everything in our power to prevent that from happening.
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Our Installation process

The preparation process for pavers is very important and is the biggest part of the installation.

Step 1

Removing of your existing concrete is done using electric jackhammers, compression jackhammers, or a bobcat tractor jackhammer. Many times, concrete will have rebar or mesh wires in it holding it together making it more difficult to remove. Once removed and separated, concrete gets hauled away and then recycled!

Step 2

Different areas of installation will determine the amount of dirt removed for the right amount of road base for a proper installation. The second part is removing dirt from underneath where the concrete once existed. All dirt is removed using electric shovels, hand shovels, or a bobcat tractor.

Step 3

Removal of roots, large rocks, and covering sink holes. Once the above is complete the area will be graded and prepped for the base application.

Step 4

Layout Geo-Textile fabric for desired area and cut to fit.

Step 5

Pour gravel road base above Geo-Textile fabric weed barrier and slope for proper drainage. For driveways it is best to apply 5-7” of road base in order to prevent sinkage from heavy vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and even heavy duty trailers. For walkways or walking traffic areas such as pool decks and backyards, 3-4” of gravel road base is required in order to prevent future movement.

Step 6

Apply water to gravel road base and begin compacting with gas powered machinery. Once base is compacted allow to dry and fully harden.

Step 7

Apply washed pavers base sand and slope for drainage. Flatten and level sand for pavers installation.

Step 8

Install interlocking pavers in desired pattern interlocking with each other. Make all cuts necessary along ends for proper fitment. Gaps or joints should be no larger than 1/2” in most cases (depending on type of paver installed).

Step 9

Dig trench along borders usually 4-8” in depth where no structure exists. Pour 4-8” of concrete and install paver border or end pieces in wet concrete. This step is the most important because it prevents any future movement from occurring in your beautiful new pavers.

Step 10

Once all pavers have been installed and concrete borders have dried and hardened, pour polymeric joint sand on surface and sweep into all joints and gaps. Blow away excess sand and clean area. Lightly mist water to activate polymeric joint sand. Allow to dry and completely harden for approximately 24-48 hours.

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At Green Team, we offer over 50 different concrete paver styles to help you choose the paver that BEST fit your style
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Angelus Courtyard Stone

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Angelus Antique Cobble

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Angelus Slate Stone

Starting at: originally $10.99
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