BEST PRICE GUARANTEE FOR Concrete Driveway Repair in Camarillo CA

Green Team Construction INC., is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in the construction trade. Being a family business, my brothers and I have been involved and surrounded by construction our entire lives. Our father has been a general contractor for over 35 years. Working with him has taught us how to manage projects while maintaining customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is the correct and proper installation of interlocking concrete pavers.

California being a state where earthquakes happen often, increases the chance of cracks in concrete driveways. Installing driveway pavers for your home adds aesthetic appeal, durability, longevity, and increases the value. Driveway pavers are much stronger than concrete and are an overall better option when redoing your driveway.


At Green Team, we offer over 50 different concrete paver styles to help you choose the paver that BEST fit your style and budget. View our online catalog and get an estimated installation price per square foot.

Concrete is the most commonly used material for building driveways and sidewalks and are widely used in Camarillo. Moreover they are very strong and often require very less maintenance and are less expensive than other driveways such as brick, pavers and cobblestone driveways. A concrete driveway requires timely maintenance and proper repair in case of any damages. Green Team Construction can help you in any type of concrete driveway repair job, be it cracks, holes, replacements, damaged concrete foundations, discoloration, scuffs, scrapes, erosions or stains on the driveway surface. Repairing the damages and timely resealing can ensure greater durability and a better appearance of the driveway. Another big problem can be crumbling concrete. Although owners can repair these themselves, you can contact us for an unparalleled professional repair service. Our team provides complete concrete driveway repair services in Camarillo. We have all the required equipment for concrete driveway repair and our experienced staff has all the knowledge regarding the same. So you can rely on us and get your concrete driveway repaired effortlessly.

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