Hire A Best Courtyard Driveway & Walkway Pavers in Belgard CA

Green Team Construction INC., is a family owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in the construction trade. Being a family business, my brothers and I have been involved and surrounded by construction our entire lives. Our father has been a general contractor for over 35 years. Working with him has taught us how to manage projects while maintaining customer satisfaction. Our primary focus is the correct and proper installation of interlocking concrete pavers.

At Green Team, we offer over 50 different driveway repair paver styles to help you choose the paver that BEST fit your style and budget. View our online catalog and get an estimated installation price per square foot.

Interlocking pavers are a great option for your home’s patio and walkways pavers in Belgard. They are appealing, eco friendly, safe, and durable. Pavers in Belgard provide flexibility and creative opportunities that are unmatched by standard or stamped concrete driveway repair. Green Team can help you beautify your home’s outdoor living spaces with a backyard paving design.

Our Belgard paver stones will accent your front or back yard and be the finishing details needed to complete your outdoor remodel. Like driveways, pool decks, courtyard and patios, you have many design options including different colors, shapes, and patterns.

California being a state where earthquakes happen often, increases the chance of cracks in driveway pavers in Belgard. Installing driveway pavers for your home adds aesthetic appeal, durability, longevity, and increases the value. Driveway pavers are much stronger than concrete and are an overall better option when redoing your driveway.

The most important advantage of driveway pavers is the maintenance factor. Some of those maintenance factors include oil stains, earth movement, or having to replace utility lines. Often, Homeowners need to dig under the driveway in order to replace broken or old pipes (sewer lines, water lines, electrical, gas…). With pavers, you can easily remove the area of concern and once completed, reinstall the very same pavers as if it never happened. There will not be any evidence of the repair, and the cost is a fraction of ripping out concrete and replacing.

Poor drainage systems can cause a huge effect on your driveway, patio, pool deck, or side yards. Here at Green Team, we inspect every project before starting and notify you if drainage is needed in order to prevent future water damage to your new pavers installation. If drains are needed, we will find a solution before starting any project and will discuss options. Even with minimal annual rain, water damage is possible. We hate to see water build up and damaged work so we do everything in our power to prevent that from happening.

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